Tiny Agenda

Since a few weeks I have been studying and practising J2ee, reading a lot of manuals and tutorials.

I am targeting to get a good level developing on J2ee for web as much (or more) as I currently have with PHP.

Its a lot to learn, mainly from frameworks and its configurations and its way of doing things.

Just to start I decided to do a simple web but using just servlets and jsp to reinforce my understanding of the basis before go using things like struts and spring, and this tiny agenda its a web I created with such purpose.

I just used one framework, hibernate for the persistence.

The tiny agenda its made to manage an very basic agenda, to record events or activities for a user on a given date and time.

As any basic web project I include the essential things almost are needed, sessions, use of a data base, creating and browsing records.

The tiny agenda works for a user and can hold multiple user accounts.

Once you have an account and have signed in, you can record your activities:

And browse over months and see a scheduled day:

If anybody wants to look source I just upload it on github: TinyAgenda


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